We've all been there — our emotions catch us out of nowhere and suddenly, we're crying into a burrito on the MUNI. Considering so many of us publicly cry in San Francisco, it's still a sore subject for people who find it embarrassing or who think it only happens to them. 

Since I've been there (looking at you N-Judah line), I decided it was about time to ask people to share their stories of what made them cry, map it out, and make anyone who's been there (or is there right now) feel a little better about their lives. 

Add your story and sob location to the map today, feel free to stay anonymous, and know that everything will be all right soon enough.

Here are some of the best stories shared so far. 

1. "I started crying one night in the Wreck Room because I was so bummed out about a guy. I was trying to hide it, but I had tears streaming down my face. All of a sudden, people were just handing me drinks to make me feel better. I ended up taking one too many shots and barfing in the garbage can." 

2. "I was falling for a guy who didn't feel the same way and the pathos of the situation became really clear that afternoon. So I'm melodramatically listening to Adele on the train and eating like, an entire gyro or something because apparently greasy lamb is my comfort food. I end up sitting on those benches at the 4th and King station right outside where you get on the train, crying into my gyro. It was just gross and I couldn't even wipe my face because my hands were covered in grease. It was all-around lame.”

3. "I was on vacation with my new boyfriend and we were on our way to the Palace of Fine Arts.  We were walking through a little park on Baker Street when I noticed a couple facing each other, each painting on a canvas. I could see the woman was painting a picture of some sort but as we were walking past them in a wide circle, I could see the man was painting words. He had the words "Will" and "you" and I then he started painting a letter "M" and I just stopped in my tracks and watched in amazement as he painted an "a" and then an "r" and then another "r" and  grabbed my camera.  My boyfriend stopped and waited (sort of) patiently while I took photos of the entire proposal and met with the newly engaged couple. I couldn't help but start crying as I walked away ... it was so romantic! 

My boyfriend and I were both going through divorces at the time and so the whole topic of marriage was taboo in and of itself. I kept trying to swallow my tears and compose myself as we continued walking but failed miserably. I got a lot of strange looks as I continued to sob tears of happiness all the way to the Palace.”

4. "It was time for me to finally ride my first upside down roller coaster.  As I went up the shuttle lift hill, I was overcome with fear as well as excitement.  Deep down,  I knew that this would be a defining moment in my life.  Years later, there's not a roller coaster on this earth that I won't ride."

5. "I moved to the Bay a week before this happened. It was one of those "why did I move here, this was a giant mistake" moments. I just interviewed for a waitressing job at Cobb's, and clearly, I didn't get it. I really wanted to try stand-up. I was listening to Pete Holme's podcast "You Made It Weird" in my car and Whitney Cummings was being interviewed. I was feeling defeated because a few jobs had fallen through, I was in a new place, and part of me felt like I might never try stand-up. Or if I did, it wouldn't work out. I cried — a lot. I eventually got a job, love living here, love doing stand-up, and now cry in my car for completely different reasons."

And lastly, my own sob fest:

 I was celebrating a friendsgiving on Thanksgiving, when my ex-boyfriend who broke up with me four days before that, decided to show up. Still hurting and confused about the breakup, I left and headed to a friend's house. On my way home, I got on the 24 — the same bus I would take to get to his house — and began my slow ascent into blubbering crying. I walked over to the N stop, crying and wishing I could call someone — but who wants to be the person who ruins someone’s happy holiday by crying over a guy who doesn’t matter? It was my second breakup in SF and I couldn’t believe I was living a rom-com life by being dumped before the holidays.

Oh San Francisco, you're a grand place to love and let our emotions out.

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