Earlier this year, Tinder had its first (and so far, only) big scandal when early employee Whitney Wolfe sued Tinder and Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen for sexual harassment and claimed that she’d been stripped of her co-founder status. As is the case with so many startup origin stories, the truth is a confusing mix of he said/she said but Wolfe’s contribution to the rapid rise of Tinder seems to be fairly indisputable. A clear marketing pro, Wolfe originally recruited within her sorority networks to bring the much sought after straight female contingent onto the app.

Considering the popularity of Tinder today, I think it’s safe to say she did a great job.

Perhaps due to the lawsuit against Tinder, Wolfe has kept a pretty low profile since this summer. However, TechCrunch reports that she’s been working away on a stealth startup, Bumble, with two other former Tinder employees, Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick. A clear competitor to Tinder, Bumble’s Facebook page refers to “dead end matches on other apps” and promises, “everything you’ve always wanted from a social discovery app and none of the things you don’t.”

The app is launching on December 1 and until then the only available info about it can be found on the Bumble Facebook page and the TechCrunch article about the company. Between those two sources, we can see that Bumble is borrowing the picture-focused format of Tinder but adding more information before you make that initial match, including each user’s career and college. The description on their Facebook page as well as previous text captured by TechCrunch also implies that they’re trying to create something that pushes back against the solely appearance based (and some would say, shallow) focus of Tinder.

No word yet on whether or not Tinder’s groundbreaking swipe format will also be a part of the Bumble experience.

Could Bumble, created by a woman who was an integral part of the creation of the most popular app to date and then pushed out of the boys club, be the next dating app to break the mold or will it just flop in the face of Tinder’s seemingly unbeatable widespread adoption? Tune in on December 1 to find out.

Image via Bumble

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