With the entire country going crazy about Kim Kardashian's posterior it seems only natural that any media outlet worth its salt would be on the hunt for the next hot trend.

Nuts to butts! We've found an even rounder body part to go crazy over!

Beer bellies are the latest big curves that women are totally cool with letting hang out. Our model posed proudly with her front porch out and it broke the internet all over again.

Tons of Bay Area women are going ga-ga over that gut and are eager to cultivate a similar keg. Belly Pop classes are exploding for women who want a really luscious muffin top. The class consists of a half hour of hardcore immersive techniques, including but not limited to beer bombing, beer ponging, and the ever popular beer shotgunning. The next 20 minutes of the class are spent doing jigglecize — which is jazzercise but just with bellies.

"I like big guts and I cannot lie!" says one class participant, whose paunch hung sexily over the waistband of her Lululemons. Another woman said, "When the peaks turn blue, I know what to do!" before chugging a Coors Light during warm up.

Some women are even pursuing cosmetic surgery to gain this rotund look. Others are looking into an IV filled with IPA that attaches just below one's navel.

Celebrities of course are quickly cashing in on this trend. Body image empowered Meghan Trainor signed an endorsement deal to change her song lyrics to "I'm all about the Bass Pale Ale." Jennifer Lopez has followed suit by changing the name of her song to "BOOnty", in honor of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

Experts agree that trends like the female beer belly are not going anywhere. Today's ideal woman is sexiest when she has an LA face, an Oakland booty, and a craft beer tummy.