Tech companies are notorious for demanding an arm and a leg from their employees, and with the latest trend in the worker perks arms race, it can seem like they’re demanding employees' firstborn, too. Facebook and Apple are going to be offering egg freezing services to their female employees who want to wait to have children. NBC reports that the procedure costs $10,000 per round and an additional $500 per year for storage. Both tech giants will cover up to $20,000 for any woman who wants to freeze her eggs.

This perk is happening within a culture that expects employees to work long hours, which is a simpler issue for the majority male employees at both Apple and Facebook (both of which offer competitive paternity leave) than it is for the women who work there, especially the women who are working through their prime years for fertility and are considering having children. But people who go to work for these tech companies know full well what they’re getting into. They know that the hours are long, the dedication is intense, and that they will have to make sacrifices in order to keep their well paying jobs. 

But neither Apple nor Facebook hide the fact that they require more from their employees than most companies do and neither company is making egg freezing a requirement. It is a choice and in this era where women’s choices are being beaten down with a sledgehammer and employers are getting out of paying for birth control because they incorrectly believe that its abortion, I find it hard to criticize any company for providing more reproductive choices for women rather than less. 

Women have the right to choose their careers over motherhood, the right to freeze their eggs or ignore the offer, the right to have an abortion, and to take birth control. As long as no woman is being pressured to put off parenthood, I say more power to Facebook and Apple for leading the way in providing choice for their employees.

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