Allow me to introduce you to the good samaritan San Francisco has been waiting for.

He is 29-year-old Lower Haight resident Miles Evenson, and he works for an internet security company in SOMA.

Tuesday evening, Miles was walking by the SF Caltrain station and happened upon not one, not two, but FOUR 3-day passes to Outside Lands. And I'm not talking about printouts either, but legit Ticketmaster tickets. 

With the tickets in his possession, Miles was faced with a moral quandary of an epic magnitude. He could sell the tickets to the sold-out fest and make a shitload of money. If he'd done that, he could easily have raked in anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000, considering how crazy expensive scalped Outside Lands tickets are now.

But Miles didn't go that route, because he has been blessed with a Herculean moral fortitude. He created this Reddit post to help find the rightful owners of the missing passes. Miles didn't stop there, he then called Ticketmaster 38 times to see if they could help him with his mission, but that didn't bear any fruit. He emailed the Outside Lands info account, but got the usual automated response. 

Undeterred, Miles went forth in his righteous quest. He used a Ticketmaster form to report the lost tickets, but that failed. He made a Lost & Found post on Craigslist and was flooded with a bunch of unverifiable claims to the tickets. Miles needed clear and undeniable proof of ownership before he handed these passes over. Outside Lands finally got back to him and told him to contact the festival co-organizer, Another Planet Entertainment. 

At this point, if I were Miles I would have given up and said, "Oh well, the universe does not want me to return the tickets, so I guess I might sell them!" But Miles is better than that. 

He emailed APE yesterday around noon alerting them of the lost goods. Then later that night, 36 hours before the start of the festival, APE alerted Miles that because of his efforts, they were able to identify the actual owner of the passes and have reissued new ones for that person. 

So why'd he give them back? Miles told me that he's not really into live music, and wasn't planning on going to Outside Lands, but his bigger reason was pure altruism. "I returned the tickets because I think it's the right thing to do," he said. "Someone spent a lot of money and I don't think it's right to ruin their weekend, or make them spend another $1200, just because they dropped their backpack or were in a hurry." 

He didn't get a reward for his good deed, nor does he expect one.

As for the folks who lost their tickets? They likely don't even know Miles helped them out. "I don't think the buyer knows what I did," he said. "I contacted Another Planet Entertainment directly, and they told me that the buyer would get fresh tickets when they show up at the festival. I don't know if the buyer has been notified, and I have no idea who they are."

Miles should be given a key to this city, or at least throw out the first pitch at a Giants game, for his virtuous actions. 

If you're a bartender and you see the name Miles Evenson on an ID or credit card, give this man free drinks all night. 

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Photo, which does not include Miles Evenson, by DavityDave.