I'm not a cat expert, nor have I ever owned a cat, but when I came across the Caturday event last week, it seemed like a no brainer to write a post about it. I mean, it involved Dolores Park, pets, and a very only-in-SF vibe. I was not at all prepared, though, for the torrent of outrage and catshit responses from anti-Caturday commenters on the internet.

Here's a taste of what the angry Caturday masses threw at us on the story and through social media:

"Grand idea if you're an idiot pet owner, whose hairbrained idea was this?!?!"

"This city is truly being overrun by idiots. Why would you subject your cats to something so counter to their natures? Because you selfishly want to parade an animal around as an accessory, regardless of how much discomfort it causes them?"

"Who's monumentally stupid idea was this? Even the most zen cats would be traumatized by this. Cats don't do play dates, and they certainly don't do MMPPDs (massively multiplayer park play date)."

"So irresponsible. I want to slap someone — preferably the bugnuts planner responsible for this."

"Seriously. This is a very very VERY bad idea. All you will end up doing is traumatizing some poor cat for the sake of being cool. There is a reason why we don't have 'Cat Parks' or 'Bring your cat to work day' "

"Irresponsible and abusive. Or, a completely genius way to get smart cat people riled up over a joke?"

"Is it April Fools Day? Because I have never heard of such a cruel, selfish, stupid idea. Cats aren't accessories or stuffed animals; they don't adapt well to leashes, traffic, and other animals, and that is an engrained trait that you can't wish away. If this isn't a (bad) joke, I hope Animal Care and Animal Care & Control San Francisco has their full staff in on Saturday."

The professional cat service GO CAT GO strongly advised against bringing your cat this event. "I would steer all of you against this idea. It's not going to end well. Or.. do it.. and feel free to call Go, Cat, Go for help after your cats flip their shit."

"I am disappointed by this event. It demonstrates a level of ignorance about animals (domesticated pets, in particular) that I would have expected from my home-town, but not from the oh-so-progressive Bay Area! Call me naive, if you must, that I considered that Northern Californians might have more educated views about animals. However, this type of public event has demonstrated that I was incorrect."

Was there an actual catpocalypse on Saturday? No there wasn't. In fact, it seemed the felines and their guardians had a grand ol' time. You can check this audio report from WAM BAM Ashleyanne or these pics from the SF Weekly.

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