The San Francisco Police Department just dropped its 2013 report on crime in the city. When it comes to overall trends, the good news only slightly outweighs the bad.

Homicides dropped by 21, from 69 to 48 between 2012 to 2013 – and even better, this is part of a larger, decade-long downward sloping trend of homicides here. Burglary and auto theft also dropped, but only by a little bit.

Time to check out the not-so-rosy stuff.

Instances of rape shot up from 2012 to 2013, going from 164 to 289. Robbery, aggravated assault, larceny, and arson all increased by significant margins as well. 

When divided by neighborhood, the data reveals that Bayview area leads the rest of the city in crime with 12 homicides, while the Richmond and the Northeast precincts (North Beach, Chinatown, FiDi, Telegraph Hill) were tied for last with no murders. 

But before you award the Northeast a medal, they were second in property crime, with 5,830 reported instances. And who gets first place for property crime? That would go to SOMA, a neighborhood that's miles ahead of the competition with an astounding 9,894 reported. Make sure you hold your bags tight and double lock your bikes around there.

If you're a data nerd who likes keeping up on these sorts of city stats, check out the rest of the report here.

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