So it looks like the Westboro Baptist Church is continuing its hate tirade, even as the rest of the country continues to progress towards full rights for our LGBT friends and family. This vile yet dedicated group is planning to bring its message of prejudice to its version of the belly of the beast: San Francisco!

As Valleywag reported, on August 12, the WBC will be making a tour of tech companies in both Silicon Valley and the city. Here's a copy of their schedule below.

I know these people aren't from here, but given our increasing bad traffic situation, I don't see how they could adhere to this schedule. I mean, who gets from Mountain View to Cupertino in 15 minutes? 

If you work at any of these companies or happen to be in the neighborhood of their offices, please bring a huge rainbow flag, or give someone of the same gender a big fat wet kiss in front of these monsters on the 12th. And for those of you who are unable to tell the WBC to fuck off in person, you can do it online during its Reddit AMA.

Update: There will be a Westboro Baptist Kiss In Protest on Tuesday, Aug 12 from 3:50 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the various tech HQ stops the church is targeting around SOMA. More info on this Facebook page

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Flier via Valleywag, top image from Thinkstock