Yesterday we brought you insight into the spending habits of San Franciscans, and today we're back with more SF-data goodies, this time with maps.

Human, an app that tracks the movements of its users, has just released these maps that show the San Francisco streets that see the most jogging, walking, biking, and motorized transport. Downtown is winning in all these categories – although it makes me wonder why it's a preferred neighborhood for jogging.

If you're angling to see how we compare to other cities, Human has got you covered – after all, we know that San Franciscans care deeply about how we stack up to other places. The news is good: we walk more and drive less than the average city, but our jogging and biking lengths are average, which is disappointing because we have the best weather for those two activities.

Best of all, you can order high-quality prints of the maps.

[Photo by advencap, map from Human]

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