Congratulations, SOMA – you're the most expensive neighborhood in the most expensive city in America.

Using self-reported data culled from its users, personal finance app shows that the average SOMA resident spends a heart-stopping $2,232 per month on housing (mortgage or rent). If you abide by the rule of only spending one third of your income on housing, that means you would need to make at least $80,352 a year to live in that neighborhood.

Mint goes on to reveal that SOMAites (or whatever you call them) actually do have some funds left over after rent, and that they spend that money on booze. The average alcohol budget for that area is around $130/month – which is good for 10 cocktails, including tip, at Bar Agricole.'s findings are full surprising tidbits about the lives of San Franciscans. Residents of the Embarcadero neighborhood blow the competition out of the water when it comes to gym budgets, spending $200/month. The Presidio takes the top spot for spa/massage, forking over $120/month – which is odd because isn't living in a park relaxing enough? When it comes to their kids, Hayes Valleyians do not skimp, handing over $1,700/month for babysitting and childcare. I guess this means rich babysitters are the real source of our gentrification issues?

If you're fiending for data about the spending habits of your neighborhood you can check out the rest study here.

[h/t SF Gate]

[Photo via Sharon Hahn Darlin]