No matter how many uncle jokes we make about Wednesday being Hump Day, it turns out that Thursday is actually when people worldwide are most likely to be bumping uglies. That’s according to Spreadsheets, the sex-tracking app that is collecting data about how often we're getting it on. The company found that out of 17,092 active users, 100,857 hookups logged, and 150 countries, Saturday is the second sexiest day of the week, followed by Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday. (Another reason to hate Mondays). While Spreadsheets couldn’t give me the deets specifically on San Francisco, I sincerely hope that all of you Don Juans and Don Juanas out there use this hookup knowledge while you’re enjoying one of these Thursday drink specials this evening. There's nothing hotter than stats about how many other people are banging all around the world, right?

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