As someone who grew up on the East Coast, I'm having nightmare flashbacks this week about what soul crushing humidity feels like. Today's forecast calls for a whopping 78% humidity! That's double the average number for San Francisco. According to the National Weather Service (and SFGate), all this water vapor in our air is rushing over us from the Gulf region. We couldn't even in the wind and the heat, and now we just can't even in this humidity. 


Bike to work without sweating through our shirts. We recommend alternate commuting methods while we're having these severe weather issues – it's not worth being that guy/that girl with the moist back.


Wear our special summer sweaters/jackets. After finally purchasing the perfect 54-62 degree weather piece of clothing, we're just gonna have to bench it this week.


Stop talking about our bad hair days. It's just one big frizzy city this week.


Ride Muni without feeling like we're in a claustrophobic nightclub – minus the music, booze, and fun.


Escape endless kvetching about the weather. Any slight deviation from the norm and there's nonstop chatter about it. Come to think of it, even when the weather is normal, we can't shut up about it in this town. (See: this post).


Tell if we're going through premature/“rare male” menopause because we're getting all kinds of hot flashes.


Avoid the creepy feeling that the fog is now inside our brains. 


BREATHE. Ok, not literally, but you know what we mean.

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