Do you fancy yourself a patron of the arts? Even if you aren't, San Francisco's largest art project, The Bay Lights, is in dire need of your generosity.

The self-proclaimed "most iconic light sculpture in history" is losing money faster than California is losing water. If the project doesn't reach its fundraising goal of $1.2 million in 26 days, then it's lights out on March 5, 2015. Right now The Bay Light's treasure chest sits at just under $240,000, and in order to hit the goal in buzzer beater fashion, organizers would need to raise $37,000 each day until the deadline.

The fundraising scheme is a tiered system like you see at other crowdfunding sites. You can donate at $10, $30, $500, and even $50,000 levels (all donations are tax-deductible too.) We'd recommend you spring for the $30 one, since that's the cost of powering the lights for one night. To put that in perspective, that's the cost of two whiskey cocktails or three super chicken burritos from Papalote.  

So cancel your donation to that Potato Salad Kickstarter and put your money to saving one of most notable pieces of public art in San Francisco history. 

Photo via Nan Palmero

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