Stop the Blue Bottle French Press!

Travel & Leisure released its cities rankings, and SHOCKER, they've knocked down our fair city two spots from #2 to #4. We should be #1 every year, obv. No shots to Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans, who took the slots above us, but I'll take summer fog over hurricanes and rancid humidity any day. Also, we have the Castro cop.

Now this isn't losing-to-the-Dodgers-in-the-playoffs bad, but it does require some serious soul-searching. So we commissioned an autopsy to delve into why our shot at #1 was killed, and have come up with 10 reasons why San Francisco may be slipping.

1) Leland Yee lowballed Travel & Leisure with his bribe.

2) That Macklemore haircut refuses to die here.

3) The new Trick Dog menu didn't come out early enough for us to be considered.

4) This was a revenge plot from MonkeyParking to sabotage our rankings.

5) The magazine forgot to include our number one ranking in rent prices.

6) Karl is losing his edge (thanks, global warming!)

7) They made the mistake of waiting in line behind a bunch of San Franciscans.

8) They read Sierra Hartman's article about the 10 Worst Driving Offenses and believe we hate pedestrians here. 

9) Apparently creating our own STD isn't a good thing?

10) We still haven't learned to shut up when it's over 72 degrees or when it rains.

I'm sure if the right startup comes along to disrupt our position, we'll be able to nextify to the top spot next year!

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