San Francisco's housing crisis is showing no signs of lessening, despite the press around unfair evictions in this city. But with the recent case of an elderly woman getting the boot from her home of five decades, there's a social media campaign focused on trying to help her keep her home. 

KRON 4 reported on a 98-year-old woman by the name of Mary Phillips, a victim of the growing Ellis Act eviction trend. Phillips, a 50-year resident of her Dolores Street apartment, is being kicked out along with several other tenants in her building. It should be noted that this is a no fault eviction and that Phillips told KRON 4 she has never been late or missed a rent payment.

Philips is standing her ground. "They are going to have to take me out of here feet first," she told KRON 4. She's also receiving support from the VanishingSF Facebook community, which is leading a social media protest against her ironically socially-minded named landlord, Urban Green. VanishingSF posted the name, email, and phone number of the CEO, and urged people to contact him and ask "if he'd put his grandmother on the street." According to KRON 4, the real estate investment company has evicted numerous other tenants through the Ellis Act, many of whom are low income and/or senior citizens. The silver lining here is that Phillips was actually issued her eviction about 15 months ago, giving hope that she can win this waiting game with her landlord

For more info about the Ellis Act and housing issue you can check out this resource explaining the law, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, and our own report on the issue.

[h/t Kron 4 news, VanishingSF; photo by Mat Honan]

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