Until fairly recently, video chat sex has mainly been an exhibitionist game. Recent advancements in sex toy technology, however, are making it so that you can not only see your sex partner getting down and dirty but can also feel them.

Well, okay, not exactly them (yet) but you can at least experience something beyond your standard video-aided jack-off session. While the ladies have been enjoying long distance haptic tech toys like Vibease for a while now, men worldwide can rejoice this week with Fleshlight’s release of the Fleshlight LaunchPAD.

One of the most popular sex toys for men, the Fleshlight resembles a flashlight with a vagina at the end of it. With the Fleshlight LaunchPAD, guys can now attach their masturbation aid right to their iPad and grip it on either side for maximum thrusting action, thereby creating a new way to experience both point of view porn and partner sex via video chat.

The Independent derided the product, calling it “the sex toy that no one asked for,” which sounds too much like sex shaming to me. I’ve talked before about how the world is weirdly unaccepting of sex toys for men, considering how down we all seem to be with vibrators and dildos these days, but I’ll say it again: more sex toys for any and all genders is a great thing. Sex toys that work with the latest advancements in tech? Even better.

And, honestly, even though I don’t have a penis, this device sounds awesome. I imagine there's a learning curve while the user figures out how to sync his movements with the lovely person or porn he’s enjoying, but once that’s settled, it's gonna be full steam ahead.

So, boys, go screw your iPads if you want to and don’t let the sex shamers make you feel bad about it. After all, technology should be appreciated for the ways that it can enhance our sex lives.

And all you folks who love men? I think you just found a perfect birthday present…

Image from Fleshlight

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