Our beloved Golden State Warriors have just dropped a net set of logos for the upcoming 2014-2015 NBA season. Normally this sort of announcement doesn’t get any headway in the media, but this occasion is different. The Warriors have re-introduced their “SF” logo and dropped the logo with the big W laid over California. This is a small but important step in their very publicized and at times contentious move across the bay. Now the team's relocation isn't 100% set in stone – there's a very small chance they could stay in Oakland, but the new logo indicates they are even more determined to move to the city.

Back in April, the basketball team announced they bought a plot of land from Salesforce in Mission Bay to be used as the site for the new arena. They did this to avoid an expensive and prolonged battle over their previously chosen area of Pier 30/32.

The team is expected to change their name back to the “San Francisco Warriors” sometime soon, but will test the name with fans before making the decision.

[h/t bluemanhoop.com]

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